Saturday, October 26, 2013

Comments from RMC students on their PMP exams.

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I passed fortunately and I can definitely testify that the class was exactly what I needed,
ESPECIALLY THE GAP SHEET !!! I spent about 20 hours studying after taking the class and it worked wonders.

Then the exam came - I must say the confidence I had going in was quickly erased. The first 20-30 questions seemed to have me spinning and I keep assuming every question was a trick and the answer should be anything but my default selection. During the test I used my scratch paper to document 'second choice' answers on any of the trick questions. I had about 40 questions with the 'second choice' options - after review the majority were unchanged. I completed the test in just over three hours.

I finally couldn’t stand it any more and pushed score. Instead of seeing pass or fail they asked me to take a survey!

Had I attempted to take the exam without the course, I would be left to wonder why my 18+ years of project management experience and training would have failed me.

Additionally, I have applied the principles of the PMBOK as taught by RMC to successfully manage the projects I am currently assigned to. Your course has provided real-world, practical advice and guidance.

I did see some terms in the questions that I hadn't seen before.

I did complete the test and the review of marked questions comfortably within the 4 hours. [I missed questions because…] I just didn't pay attention to the execution process warning flags. They were there, I just passed them by with the "Oh, I know that stuff" rationalization. (You know the process. You read the question, don't know the answer, you peek at the answer, then you say "I knew that, I just couldn't remember 'cuz there's so much new information running through my mind right now." That's the warning flag and it's so easy to disregard because "You know that stuff."

I passed the PMP exam yesterday. What a relief - I love knowing I will never have to take it again.

The earned value formulas from the class and book helped me get at least five questions right!

The terminology was a little different in some places but I got around that pretty easily. Other than that it wasn’t too bad. The questions were tricky.

After struggling with a few [questions], I decided to immediately mark and skip each of them, so as to not distract my focus on other questions, then go back after getting through the rest of the test.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

18 Reasons Why Projects Fail

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The following are reasons for project failure that Rita Mulcahy the founder of RMC, has identified based on her experience and supporting literature on the subject. Try to determine the root cause of the problem and then apply the tools and techniques of project management to prevent your projects from failing.

Reasons Projects Fail

  1. Failure to understand that a change in scope affects schedule, cost or performance
  2. Unrealistic time frames
  3. Lack of project management training
  4. Projects defined without the PM’s assistance
  5. Project team not involved in planning
  6. No risk management
  7. Miscommunication of scope
  8. Planning a project using only a bar chart
  9. No viable historical records
  10. Inadequate budget for administration
  11. Senior management meddling
  12. No change control system
  13. No effective system for controlling the project to the project plan
  14. Inexperience
  15. Lack of effective communication
  16. Failure to understand the unique nature of the project type
  17. Overselling
  18. Turnover
Rita has created the bestselling PMP Preparation courses that is delivered all around the world by RMC's authorized trainers only. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our upcoming courses.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PMP® e-Learning for the Updated Exam

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Just Released: PMP® e-Learning for the Updated Exam
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This new, self-directed e-Learning course is designed to help students prepare for the newly updated PMP® exam at their own pace. In addition to 16 interactive lessons, the course offers dozens of exercises and games, 1500+ practice exam questions, nearly 200 audio and video clips, and unlimited 24/7 use of all materials. If you are among the 40,000 project managers hoping to become certified this year, Learn More or Take a Free Sample Lesson Now.

Sample Screenshots


Saturday, September 21, 2013

The smoother way to PMP Exam

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The updated presentation "Roadmap to PMP" is available on slideshare:

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